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The colorful Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo is primarily a pinkish-white and very easy to recognize. These flashy birds have broad pink patches around the neck and on the underbelly. They often have bold pink under their white-tipped wings.  The crest is often the first thing people notice about this bird. When extended, you’ll see bright pink and yellow-orange feathers with white at the tips.The males tend to be brighter than the females, though the females have more orange in their crest. While the males have brown eyes, they’re more of a reddish-pink color on females. Both sexes have gray feet and horn-colored beaks.



Major Mitchell’s cockatoos require a lot of socialization and interaction with owners for their emotional health. This is due to their natural tendency of forming a tightly-knit pair and you will be replicating the “flock” experience the cockatoo needs in the wild. On average, Major Mitchell’s cockatoos have a lifespan of 40 and 60 years. They can live up to 75 years in captivity when treated well, especially if they’re hand-fed as babies.