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They are calm, gentle birds that love to hang out. They are birds that, like Eclectus, prefer to be touched only a little, stroking their feathers in the direction of their growth while holding the bird close to your body. They will accept a kiss on the beak or top of the head. Even with each other, they do not sit close or preen each other.  They are dignified birds that don’t roll around during play, but do love to chew toys to bits.  They need lots of hard wood toys to chew or their beaks have a tendency to overgrow.  Great Billed Parrot is known to be very friendly, well-mannered and fun to be with, traits that make it an ideal pet for singles, couples, and families with small children. These species love to play and interact with its owners. In addition, it has a very calm and laid back temperament, which is also perfect for small children looking for a companion pet.Great Billed Parrot is considered as one of the healthiest species due to its very efficient digestive system.They also like to show off their vocabulary and tend to talk in front of people instead of waiting for a quiet room.  They are usually pretty quiet birds, though when they get excited they can be very loud.

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Also known as Moluccan parrot or island parrot, the Great Billed Parrot carries a medium sized body that can reach 38 cm in length. It is predominantly green with red beak and black shoulders. Both females and males are almost identical, with the only difference being the females are relatively smaller.The males are a bit larger than the females with a much larger, almost disproportionate beak and a flat head. generally the great bill grows up to about 41cm (16 in) in length (from top of the head to tip of tail). Their life spans are generally around 10 t 20 years and they weigh between 3 – 5.8 oz (84 – 165 grams).They require a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and greenfood. A high-quality seed mix of safflower, paddy rice, wheat, oats, canary grass seed and various millets; some sunflower (also sprouted) should also be available. Other food items include pine cones, cooked rice, half-ripe maize, rowanberries, rose-hips and small quantities of dried shrimp.Great Billed Parrot rarely bites its owners and other animals but loves to chew and nibble on different things that it can handle. These things are usually small and can fit in its beak such as plastic balls, cardboard boxes and tissue rolls. Due to its high tendency to chew, it is very important to keep away dangerous house objects that can cause injuries such as electrical wires and sharp objects.

*These birds are available by special order only. If you would like to inquire about one, please Contact Us ON Whats App +1 (719) 301-9078

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