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Our military macaws are affectionate and lovely. They will make good pet birds for a lovely and caring home. The military macaw enjoys cuddling but a little quite shy.The lovely birds are intelligent and sometimes independence as well. They make good companions, especially with the right training so that larger problems do not arise later in its life.It can get nippy and thus requires more attention and training to maintain a pleasant nature. Our baby  thus well in a large macaw cage as an indoor pet. They enjoy toys, especially wood items that they can chew. They are quite capable talkers and can be easily trained, including being potty trained to the cage.Those interested in owning a Military Macaw should learn as much as they can about the species before bringing one home. For example, like all Macaws, these birds will rise with the sun each morning, and they will shout it loud for the world to hear. 



Military Macaws are native to central and northern South America. If you’re interested in owning our Military Macaw, make sure that you have plenty of free time to spend with your new companion. They are among the larger of the parrot family, with some Military Macaws reaching up to 30 inches from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers.Military Macaws are mainly green, with brilliant blue edging on their wings and a bright red patch on their foreheads. They have bold black beaks and dark gray legs and feet. Their eyes are framed by the classic bare macaw facial patches, each with concentric rings of small black feathers.Military Macaws have wingspans of over 40 inches. They’re long-lived birds as well, with some Military Macaws living for up to 50 years, some even longer.

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