Solomon Island Eclectus

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Calm, peaceful and serenely elegant, Eclectus parrots are incredibly beautiful birds that love to be admired.Our Solomon Island Eclectus is smart and very emotionally. Eclectus parrots are stable, easy going, calm, peaceful and quiet. They are so beautiful and can sit so still, they are a little bit quite shy but are lovable as pet in any good lovable home that can treat them as part of their family, They have learn an excellent vocabularies and speak very clearly. Our birds can be kept singly, or in pairs. Unlike many other parrot species, if kept as a pair they keep their pet welcoming and friendly towards people. They are relatively tranquil birds who are not as destructive as most species. The parrots tend to be very gentle with their beaks and will seldom bite hard. They are detail-oriented and love toys with lots of different textures and small details, They are a joy to have around, and are wonderful companions.Playful by nature, an Eclectus parrot will need a multitude of toys designed to be chewed and destroyed, such as those made of soft wood. Be sure that your Eclectus gets plenty of attention and activity. Eclectus can keep themselves busy, but need you to offer the stimulating objects to give them “jobs” to do.Eclectus do well when provided with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Their diet should be comprised of 75 to 80 percent fruits and vegetables and 20 to 25 percent pellets.

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Of all our eclectus parrots, which tend to be independent and do not form as strong of bonds as other parrots, the Solomon Island eclectus is considered the tamest and most affectionate.They are relatively talkative and, if given adequate attention, can make good companions, especially males. Females tend to be a little more aggressive. Eclectus are not as noisy as many other large parrot species but many learn to talk.They are small eclectus and closely resemble red-sided eclectus. The male is a brilliant forest green. He has brilliant red patches on the sides and under wing coverts, blue bend to the wing and dark blue flight feathers. Males of the different subspecies are very difficult to identify visually but Solomon’s are usually significantly smaller.The female Solomon Island eclectus is brilliant red and looks like a small version of the red-sided eclectus. The head is red, and at the base of the neck where chest feathers begin and on the back, a blue band cuts across almost like a collar. The under-tail coverts are red and the tail is red. Like the red-sided, the Solomon Island hen has distinct blue eye rings. She has a black lower mandible, or beak, and the upper mandible is black.The life span of the Solomon Island eclectus is probably up to 30 years and they  are around 12 inches in length and their weigh 375-400 grams.

*These birds are available by special order only. If you would like to inquire about one, please Contact Us ON Whats App +1 (719) 301-9078

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